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Also in China-Burma-India theater the P excelled both as fighter and fighter-bomber, with the renowned Air Commandos, among other units. These decals provide only the unique markings for each of three scales. All of the common markings and large markings such as rudder stripes will need to be gleaned from the kit or painted on.

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The decals are superbly printed and add quite a value to the book. Those who are Thunderbolt fans will want to add this to their collection. This general overview then provides a backdrop for more detailed information presented in the photo captions. The photos are what really make this book shine, and there are some great shots presented here.

Republic P-47 Thunderbolt

The vast majority of photos are in black and white, a common feature for World War Two books, but there are a handful of color photos at the back of the book. The text is presented in both English and Polish, with the photo captions providing some great anecdotal information about the aircraft, squadrons, people, and weapons.

One interesting tidbit on the latter are several photos showing early versions of napalm bombs, consisting of standard fuel tanks with regular lb bomb fins attached. While the P Mustang was more maneuverable, longer-ranged, and better in the vertical, it was Gabreski and Johnson, in their Ps, who became the top American aces in Europe. What endeared the Thunderbolt to its pilots, however, was its legendary toughness.

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PDs also served in the Pacific theater, though in fewer numbers compared to the P; nonetheless, they also turned in a stellar combat record, and the third highest ranking ace in the Pacific, Neel Kearby, was a Thunderbolt pilot. A few lingered on until in Air National Guard service, when it was retired. France used a few Ps during the Algerian War of Independence in the mids, while it persisted in South American air forces into the early s. In , Croatia seriously considered returning a museum-piece P to active service during the Croat-Serbian War.

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It was bought by a warbird collector and restored by , passing through several collectors until , when the Kalamazoo Air Zoo acquired it. Though still airworthy, it was retired from the airshow circuit in and is on permanent display in a typical World War II scene, with a Willys Jeep and a Quonset hut in the background the Air Zoo's theater. This aircraft is painted in a nonstandard scheme of medium gray with green splotches, with D-Day invasion stripes, as Francis Gabreski's HV-A.

Republic P-47D-30-RA Thunderbolt

Sentinel28a1 By: Sentinel28a1. Republic PD Thunderbolt The P Thunderbolt, which would become one of the most successful and widely produced fighters in history, began as the brainchild of two Russian aircraft designers who fled the Soviet Union—Alexander de Seversky and Alexander Kartveli.