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It requires one other easy fix: remove the word "melee" from the "Make a melee strike" sentence in Retributive Strike. Which should go anyway TBH. You can make a Retributive Strike against the target with your held righteous weapon. You do so by projecting a spectral bolt of righteous fury in the shape of your weapon or its ammunition.

This allows you to melee strike outside of your normal reach or make a ranged strike without your weapon being loaded. It uses the same damage as your normal strike. Apply cover and screening as normal. This behaves as your Retributive Strike in all other ways. Enables ranged Paladins in a major way.

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Admittedly, your Paladin of Erastil wants to stay closer to the action than your average archer, but that puts your heavy armor proficiency to good use, and a couple of the Fighter feats would help offset the issues with using a bow at point blank range.

Helps make R. Strike relevant against, say, huge enemies who can attack your allies from outside of your reach. The improved consistency of R. Strike should alleviate a lot of concerns about both the Paladin's DPR and whether they actually fulfill the tank role. Broadly speaking, it might be a little too powerful and could make Blade Ally the automatic choice. I don't think it is, but I also think it could be finetuned to bring it back into balance.

See below. Maybe force, but probably good. I'm not sure if that is balanced. Could play havoc with Weakness and Resistance expectations. Then again, the Paladin is being pushed in the direction of "messes up particular sorts of enemies particularly hard" and being able to bypass certain resistances would help with that.

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It raises a question of "why can't you launch these bolts on your normal strikes. You spend an action concentrating the energy slash calling upon the favor of your diety to protect your allies. Second Potential Solution: Let Paladins launch spectral good blasts on the regular, it is metal af.

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It basically becomes the new Blade of Justice, only it provides an interesting tactical option against everything, rather than just against fiends and such. Honestly, just let vengeful oath be delivered by a weapon and give them a bunch of cool spell powers. Worth it. Minimalist change. They don't have enough spell points to make that the quick fix for them, IMO.

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You burn your spell points that way you won't actually be able to lay on hands. I'd say you could just increase their spell point pool, but Paizo has seemed really stingy with that for reasons I don't entirely understand so there's probably a balance concern we are overlooking. It also doesn't address Retributive Strike having working better with reach weapons than normal melee and not working at all with ranged.

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If vengeful oath delivered through a weapon, I wouldn't care about literally any of the other features. They'd all be superfluous. I think it'd be worth it to dump all the rest of my feats on getting more spell points. Might be worth a multiclass, might not. I wanna know how people feel about hospice knight now that signature skills are gone. Does the feat do enough? Search this Thread:. JoelF wrote:. There's a reason it's called blade ally, swords are the one true weapon. The problem is, it has very little to do with the paladin class.

Let's go through what we have. Shifting is kinda useless because you only improve proficiency with one weapon group. It's a legitimate concern.

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It removes an entire layer of customization. You'd think a separate pool of weapon feats would be attractive. This does a lot of cool stuff. Makes reach weapons competitive with reach weapons. Makes it so R.

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Strike isn't easily negated by the enemy adjusting their positioning. Launching an energy blade or arrow is metal AF. Very Legend of Zelda. Issues 1.

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The exact range it works can be adjusted to taste. That does sound metal AF, I would really enjoy playing something like that. Captain Morgan wrote:. Recent threads in Classes. The barbarian titan mauler is sketchy and needs clarification Last post: Wed, Sep 11, , pm by Tyler Waters. Search Thread Search this Thread:. Aug 17, , am.

The Dreamtime: The Righteous Blade Vol. 2 by Stan Nicholls (2005, Paperback)

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