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Current Position. Gathering For Gardner Gathering for Gardner inspires fun and wonder for recreational mathematics, magic, puzzles, and art. Farrell has helped to organize the biannual Gathering for Gardner conferences, which started in as an invitation-only event for people connected with Martin Gardner. Martin Gardner's famous work The Annotated Alice was first published in and we G4G13 Exchange Book The words are to These three We use each of the 12 letters three times each in 18 different two-letter words that are to be placed on the Connected means it is in one piece and cubic means that each Pegg, Jr.

Schoen and T. Rodgers, AK Peters www. Namely that any two triangles have at least one edge in common yet no Triple-7 Hamiltonian Chess David S. Bailey was the most important English lexicographer before Samuel Johnson.

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Our interest in this essay is to report on some of the dictionary's entries for the "Entertainmen of the Curious". The figure below shows how these There has been a recent spate of books in honour of Martin Gardner, who has spent over half of his 95 years entertaining us with his recreational mathematics. Matt Parker reviews three of the latest.

Martin Gardner is widely regarded as having started and popularised the area of modern recreational mathematics. Born in , he began his career as an amateur magician, publishing his first magic article in His strong interest in mathematics lead him to submit an article about flexagons to Scientific American in , starting the Mathematical Games column that he contributed regularly for the next 25 years.

During this time he also became a highly influential magician, spending a lifetime turning magicians into mathematicians and mathematicians into magicians.

Gardner's followers from both the mathematics and magic communities get together biennially at what are called the Gatherings for Gardner. Started in , the eighth Gathering for Gardner was in , with the tenth being planned for At these gatherings ideas from mathematics, puzzles and magic are discussed, following in the vein of the topics and areas first presented by Martin Gardner. The initial meeting was the idea of Tom Rodgers who is still involved with the Gatherings and is an editor on all three books being reviewed here. All three books follow the spirit of the Gatherings in that they are collections of articles written by people who were inspired by Gardner.

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They cover an eclectic range of topics bound together by a hunger for mathematical playfulness — how many circles can you pack into a square, how many colours does it take to colour a torus, and what happens when you play word games on the platonic solids are just some of the questions examined. Some articles in the books are backward looking, examining historic puzzles or mathematical problems, while others develop and explore puzzles first posed by Gardner.

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Homage to a pied puzzler and Mathematical wizardry for a Gardner are companion publications by the same editors and are effectively the proceedings from the seventh Gathering. To a novice, reading these books may feel a bit like arriving late at a party where everyone already knows each other. The books assume quite a lot of background knowledge and they're not afraid of being a little self-indulgent.