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Grim confirms this, playing an audio recording of the deceased former Director Irving Lambert Don Jordan. Sam learns that Lambert had found out that there was a mole in Third Echelon who planned to use Sarah as leverage against Sam. Lambert staged Sarah's death in order to nullify this plan, but was not able to locate the mole.

At this time, the Third Echelon building's self-destruct protocol activates and Sam is forced to escape before the building explodes. Sam is then extracted by Coste and has a brief reunion with Sarah Victoria Sanchez before the two remaining EMPs are activated, destroying most of the electronic defenses in the city and causing general chaos. Shortly afterwards, Coste's helicopter is shot down by a surface-to-air missile , but all three survive.

After shooting and immobilizing the corrupt Vice President, Sam regroups with Grim. To that end, Grim shoots Sam in the left shoulder and pretends to have detained him at gunpoint, allowing them to enter the Oval Office safely.


Reed prepares to execute Sam and the President, revealing that Caldwell was going to shut down Third Echelon after Lambert's death. Reed plans to frame Sam for assassinating Caldwell as supposed proof to the country that Third Echelon is still needed. At this point, Sam and Grim spring into action, disarming Reed and killing his escorts.

It is then revealed that Reed was the mole Lambert was looking for. At this point, the player has the choice to have Sam or Grim execute Reed. Canonically, Fisher spares Reed only for Grim to execute him. The story then returns to Coste's interrogation. Coste states that Sam, in his last conversation has promised to protect him just as he would protect his brother.

At that moment, an alarm starts to blare, while an explosion accompanied by gunfire is heard in the background, causing all of the interrogators to abandon the interview. The existence of a sequel to Double Agent was leaked to the internet on September 21, through a 2GB rar file containing, among other media, 75 concept art images of as-yet unannounced next-generation games uploaded to Ubisoft's public FTP site.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction

Conviction was officially announced on May 23, when Ubisoft released a trailer for the game. It depicted a more rugged-looking Sam with long hair and a fully-grown beard. He had the ability to blend in with the environment, interact with tables and chairs and utilize hand-to-hand combat against enemies, making the game appear less stealth-based than previous games.

The lighting and shadow effects also showed a vast improvement over Double Agent. The game was originally due for release on November 16, The game resurfaced at E3 , with a completely new visual style and a more casual-looking Sam. The developers confirmed that the "new" Conviction had been in development since early , commenting that "the gameplay has evolved a lot" and "the visual direction is simply much better.

After initially announcing a release date of February 23, Ubisoft delayed the game again until April. Conviction supports AMD 's multi-monitor -technology Eyefinity. On July 16, , it was announced that composers Kaveh Cohen and Michael Nielsen, in association with music house Groove Worx , would be composing the score to Conviction , their first score for a video game.

On March 29, , it was revealed in an interview that Michael Ironside considered not returning to the role as Sam Fisher as a result of not being able to add more to the character. However, he changed his mind when Ubisoft sent him a copy of the script. So Conviction is an exclusive for , it's not going to go to PS3. Conviction was released in four retail versions. The Collector's Edition was exclusive to the United States and Canada, and featured a USB flash drive , an artbook based on the Splinter Cell series, two decal stickers, a comic book detailing the events leading up to Conviction , and two in-game items: an MP5-SD3 sub-machine gun and a Third Echelon spy suit.

It included a high quality edition box with a Sam Fisher figurine, steel-book DVD case with the game disc, manual and game soundtrack CD 24 tracks , and a card with 5 bonus in-game content codes: for the MP-5 sub-machine gun, SC assault rifle, SMG-2 machine pistol, "Infiltration" game mode and the Shadow Armor outfit.

Some individual stores also released their own variations. Best Buy pre-orders included a SC assault rifle code. On May 27, , a port of the game was released for the iOS. Developed and published by Gameloft , it featured very similar gameplay, with the biggest difference being a simplification of the story, omitting the entire prologue, and many individual scenes and characters from the main game. However, the port did feature an exclusive level not found in the original game - a speed boat level set on the Potomac River. It was set for release on October 19, , but was delayed until February 17, Splinter Cell: Conviction released weekly unlockable content every Thursday through the in-game "Extras" menu.

The content included weapons, gadgets, multiplayer skins and Deniable Ops maps. With Uplay, players earn units for completing set in-game tasks that can be used to purchase various content in Splinter Cell , or saved for content in future Ubisoft releases. On April 19, , a closed multiplayer beta was made available to owners of Splinter Cell: Conviction on Xbox for the upcoming installment in the Ghost Recon series, as well as people who preordered the game from GameStop or PlayStation Plus members.

No track list is incorporated onto the CD or packaging. On April 20, , a news bulletin was posted on Amon Tobin's website following the release of what is understood to be the majority of his contributions to the Splinter Cell: Conviction ' s score. Conviction has received mostly positive feedback from critics on Xbox and PC.

IGN 's Alec Meer awarded it a score of 9. The main points of criticism were its short length and that too much of the title is played in monochrome. Conviction had a less welcome reception with some PC reviewers. GameSpot's Kevin Van Ord scored it 6. By July , the game had sold 1. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Richard Dansky Mike Lee. April 13, WW : May 27, [5].

WW : July 29, HD [6]. WW : October 25, [7]. WW : December 23, [8].

WW : February 17, Online. Why Sam has stepped out of the shadows and is on full out attack makes complete sense in context with the story, so if you can accept it for what it is and not dwell on the fact that it isn't what you've come to expect in a Splinter Cell title, you'll no doubt agree that Conviction rivals Chaos Theory as the best title in the franchise's history. All this publication's reviews Read full review. IGN UK. The main thing, though, is the remarkable and bold focus - none of Assassin's Creed 2's endless tutorial or ridiculous minigames, or indeed of Arkham Asylum's irritatingly blocked routes and hollow collectormania.

This reborn Splinter Cell just gets on with it: it has the courage to pick one thing, the fantasy of being a hi-tech manhunter, and do it as well as possible. Gaming Age. Splinter Cell: Conviction is a return to form for the series after the slight hiccup that was Double Agent, and anyone that's put off trying out the game at this point would do well to give the series another chance. Conviction is the perfect evolution for Sam Fisher's series. The gameplay is smooth and dynamic, and even if the graphics are not the best of this generation, this last Splinter Cell delivers some serious action.

Anyone whose interest ends at the single-player or the co-op campaign could potentially set the game aside after a little as five hours. Those who fall in love with the new gameplay will find more than enough reason to return to the shadows. Giant Bomb. The most accessible Splinter Cell game yet. It gives you the firepower to shoot your way out of your mistakes, but also makes the stealth side of things fun, rewarding, and significantly easier than just attempting to run around and shoot.

Its only serious issue is that it doesn't feel especially substantial or replayable. Absolute Games.

Tom Clancy's Splinter cell. Conviction Catherine Browne

Conviction is just a casual-oriented actioneer with simplistic gameplay mechanic and big-budget production values. User Reviews. Write a Review. Positive: 78 out of Mixed: 24 out of Negative: 18 out of Once you get used to the new gameplay you will know that this is probably the best game in the series giving you the choice of going all Once you get used to the new gameplay you will know that this is probably the best game in the series giving you the choice of going all stealth or a faster more action gameplay with amazing story and pretty good Graphics this game is just perfect.

This game was awesome it has ivolved splinter cell into a new era. All it need was more stealth missions but above that the game was awesome. Sam Fisher is like the modern Altair he kicks ass.. Ending was cool but would have been awesomer if president would have died. Alot of you may not agree with me. I would compare this to the game The Bourne Conspiracy, which is rated T.

There are an average amount of bad words.

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As for the violence I would say that it isn't even as violent as Assassins Creed. The game is much less "twisted" than Batman Arkham Asylum, which my kid has and I have watched him play it, and in my opinion if your kid has Batman Arkham Asylum than he should be able to get it. Parent of a 17 year old Written by gamesman May 6, Great game for 12 and up. Parent of a 17 year old Written by y May 6, The most violent parts of the game are the Interrogations, other than that, not really violent.

Parent Written by Plague May 3, The storyline of the game is straight up awesome, and the controls are simple and very easy to master. There is tons of violence from gunfights and blood from brutal interrogations.

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The protagonist in the game is one character you know you'll love to play as. All in all, and without a doubt, this game is a must play for all mature gamers. Adult Written by gamenerd May 2, Probaly the best Espionage I have ever played.