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Basketball Players From Indiana:.

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Alcindor and the Big O: A Season's. Converse Basketball Year. Play Better Basketball. Editorial Review Product Description Vintage Time Magazine, Articles include, Cover story, Oscar Robertson, Basketball player and related article, great vintage color ad's including, Continental Airlines ad, science, medicine, show business, and lot's more! Read more. Play Better Basketball with Oscar Robertson.

Play better basketball with Oscar Robertson by Oscar Robertson. He is the only player in NBA history to average a triple-double for an entire season, and he is regarded as one of the best and most versatile NBA players of all time. However, his playing career, especially during high school and college, was plagued by racism.

But They Can't Beat Us, Oscar Robertson & the Crispus Attucks Tigers Hardback Book

Customer Reviews 5 Great basketball book If you can learn about Basketball from a book this is a great place to start. I bought the earlier version when I was a kid in the mid sixties and it was a great help. I bought it for my kids and it is even better now. Available new from the publisher I'm not sure why amazon does not stock this great book. It is still available from the publisher at www. They also have info for bookstores, chains, and special orders for coaches and bball camps. Learn the keys to better Basketball Want to learn how to play basketball or just improve on your skills now?

Oscar takes you from physical and mental conditioning to all of theskills necessary to play the game. Shooting, passing, rebounding,offensive and defensive tactics even a section on what to do when you aremismatched in a game. The book is excellent for coaches to use as ateaching manual and to recommend to their team as a guide for practicing ontheir own. Oscar mentions in the book that the best way to improve is towork on the fundamentals and he shows you how even if you have nevertouched a basketball.

But They Can't Beat Us: Oscar Robertson and the Crispus Attucks Tigers

You can't go wrong learning from a true master ofthe game, and if you have any doubts just check out Oscar's stats in theback of the book. Every basketball camp for youth and adults, should provide. The" Art of Basketball"provides detailed explanations with photos, of fundamental techniques allplayers need to master. It is fantastic,the player who averaged tripledouble statistics over multiple NBA seasons, has documented hisfundamentals for others to learn.

I found Mr. Robertson's commentsconcerning the mental aspects of the game, such as developing confidence,to be particularly insightful.

Crispus Attucks High, 60 Years Later: Race And The 'Hoosiers' Sequel Never Made

At its current price, this book is the bestvalue for instructional basketball books,that is available today. Oscar Robertson's new book is a great coaching tool. I highly recommend this book as a coaching tool. I found it to be very helpful in teaching young athletes the game of basketball. I especially like the way Oscar keeps fundamentals of basketball as the emphasis of thisbook.

The review at the end of each chapter is very helpful along with thesuggested workout programs. I had each girl on my team buy one and we havethem read a chapter a week. At our practices we review what they read thenwe incorporate Oscar's program into our coaching program. I highlyrecommend this book to anyone who coaches youth basketball Every kid who plays basketball or who wants to improve their gameshould have a copy of this. Source: Wikipedia. Pages: Not illustrated. Free updates online. Purchase includes a free trial membership in the publisher's book club where you can select from more than a million books without charge.

He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in , the youngest former player to receive that honor. Koufax's career peaked with a run of six outstanding seasons from to , before arthritis ended his career at age He also won the , , and Cy Young Awards by unanimous votes, all during the period when only one pitcher was chosen per season, making him the first 3-time Cy Young winner in baseball history.

In each of his Cy Young seasons, Koufax won the pitcher's triple crown by leading the NL in wins, strikeouts, and earned run average. After the game, in accordance with tournament tradition, the winning team piled onto a firetruck for the triumphant ride from Butler Fieldhouse to Monument Circle. But unlike the Downtown celebration the year before, when Milan had time to bask in the glory and pose for photos, the Attucks team made one quick lap around the Circle and a beeline up Indiana Avenue to Northwestern Park for a bonfire. The route had been decreed days earlier in a meeting at the Indianapolis Public Schools superintendent's office, attended by representatives of the mayor's office, the Fire Department and the police, who feared riots and wanted the Attucks contingent back in its own part of town as quickly as possible.

I wasn't an asterisk on the side, and neither were the other guys on the Crispus Attucks team. We were a part of the Indiana High School Athletic Association, and we shouldn't have been treated that way.

Table of Contents

Now that the school is back in the spotlight for a celebration of the 50th anniversary of that championship, memories and attitudes are as different as the people who experienced the racial discrimination of the time. Yet all agree that the legacy of the basketball glory is much bigger than sports.

Basketball introduced the team and the school as a collection of people, with names and faces and talents. Friendships that formed on the court and in the stands helped to mend a racially frayed city. It was a start. Because it has a history to it. It has a good ending to it. Attucks, he said, "started out one way, and it ended up another way. I think the team and the accomplishment brought together the city to a large extent.

And it's a true story. Crispus Attucks High School was first planned in by city leaders for the purpose of segregating the black students who were, at the time, attending Manual, Shortridge and Tech high schools alongside white students. The Ku Klux Klan was influential in city politics at the time, but scholars of the period stress that building the school was a city, not a Klan, decision.

By the time the school opened at West and 12th streets five years later, it already was too small. The black population was growing along with the region's industry, and 1, students reported to the school built for 1, From the beginning, the focus inside the brick structure with the stately colon naded entry was on academics, which is where the conversation with Attucks grads starts to this day.

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With black educators no more welcome than black students in the white schools, Attucks was able to attract an impressive faculty, possibly the best in the city. Almost every teacher had a master's degree, and many had doctorates. Matthias Nolcox and Russell Lane, the school's first two principals who served a combined 30 years, had degrees from Ivy League schools; Lane received his law degree from Indiana University.

They recruited top-flight educators from across the country, black men and women who believed in education and in the students of Crispus Attucks. Betty Crowe, a Attucks graduate and the wife of coach Ray Crowe during the basketball glory years, described Attucks using the adage: "They gave us lemons, and we made lemonade.

Gilbert Taylor, a Attucks graduate who has a doctorate and is curator of the Attucks Museum at the school, added: "I did not realize when I was a student that we had two or three attorneys on our faculty. I did not realize that we had Buffalo Soldiers, that we had Tuskegee Airmen, that we had members of the Golden 13 the first black U.

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They never mentioned that. They were not about ego.

Their pride came from you and your accomplishments. Robertson has called the school "a miraculous place. Basketball in , called it "a blessing in disguise; a paradox.

Crispus Attucks Crazy Song

This is the first time these students have occupied a building devoted exclusively to them. Since the traditions of the Negro race are deeply founded in music, that art has been especially emphasized in the new building. Not that that mattered much in the early years, when Attucks was denied membership in the Indiana High School Athletic Association.

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The reasoning went that it wasn't a "public" school because white students were not included. In those days, the basketball team had to travel great distances to play other black schools, which meant Attucks played very few games. The Tigers traveled by bus all across the state, playing games in small towns where they were greeted with curiosity, like the barnstorming Globetrotters.

On the long rides, the players ate sack lunches.

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